Dirt Roadz Entertainment

irt Roadz Entertainment or DRZe, circa 2006, was established as entertainment venture to produce music and video in the southern California region. Dirt Roadz Entertainment is head quartered in Pasadena, California and has positioned itself as one of the hottest and up incoming video and music ventures in the area.

Dirt Roadz is working with some of the most talented athletes in the world and producing amazing sizzle reels for their sponsorships and promotions.


Boom! Boom! Clack! Boom! Boom! Clack! “Yo! I’m up. Yo! Let me in!” A six year old Fernando tries to muscle his way into the Break dancing circle, to show what he can do for the crowd. Fernando’s love for Hip Hop stemmed from early on in childhood. It was the summer of 1983, where 3 events changed his life forever, steering him towards the world of Entertainment. The first was when he heard Afrika Bambaataa’s and the Soulsonic Force track called "Planet Rock.” The second and third were the movies “The Outsiders,” and “Wild Style.” Since then, movement and music has been a form of expression throughout Fernando’s life. While in his small town he was classically trained as a trumpet player, and he furiously wrote short stories, as there were no resources for video or film. Nando, as he likes to be called continued his passion of movement and music to California. In California he earned a degree in Film Production from the University of Southern California.

As a Producer Fernando has helped, produce network shows as Fox’s “Temptation Island” and A & E’s “Family Forensics”.  He has many projects right now in different stages of development, from hard-hitting Reality Shows, to high concept Latino Films. Not to mention producing hot Hip Hop tracks.

As Director, he has helmed many short films and videos.  Fernando’s film “Maclovio's Ballad” -a story of migrant entrepreneurship- has played in many festivals including USC’s Latino’s Cinema Society’s yearly film festival, and National Association of Latino Independent Producers annual conference.

As an Editor, Nando has edited hit Network shows as “Temptation Island,” “Nanny 911,” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” along with, other hit Cable shows: E!’s “101 Sexiest Celebrities”, and “Dr. 90210.”

Recently, Nando is realizing all his passions -movement and music- with his brothers. Convincing his older and younger brother to form the company Dirt Roadz Entertainment. The three brothers create a trinity of sorts: Wally brings real world Business and Marketing skills, Julio brings musically strong Hip Hop composition and MC skills, while Fernando brings a wealth of Entertainment Industry experience, and sick editing skills. All the elements are in place, MUSIC, MOVEMENT, and BUSINESS. Boom! Boom! Clack! Boom! Boom! Clack! “Yo! We up. Yo! We breaking the door down.”

Boom! Boom! Clack! Boom! Boom! Clack!

Wally Herrera

Wally Herrera began his love for Hip Hop at the beginning of the break dance era. At a young age Wally would often take records with out permission from his aunt’s collection and listen to the Gap Band, Isaac Hayes and James Brown for hours.  Wally would practice his jazz piano and watch Soul Train on Saturday afternoons while his folks were out selling records and 8-Tracks from the local music shop. On one Saturday afternoon after watching Soul Train, Wally heard a song on local radio that changed his outlook on music and created a sense of discovery. The song was Buffalo Gals by Malcolm Mclaren and it changed his music taste forever. Wally began listing to Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Grand Master Flash and UTFO at a time when “Rap” was considered a fad and not embraced by society. Even though he was excited about his new music and wanted to explore this new street sound, adults and teachers were against the playing of Rap music on the playground or at school events.  Growing up in area where racism was the norm, this barrier didn’t faze him and he continued to listen and learn from this music.  

During this time, Break Dancing was starting to make waves around the country and he would hang around the local break-dancers and admire the sense of anti-establishment, teamwork and individuality. During his high school years, Wally would often provide music for parties and spin the tracks that were hot at the time.  Wally and his homies would often free-style and mix music and would dream of someday getting into the business.  

During his high school years, he excelled at athletics and won two state titles, which many consider the best years at Alamosa High School. He learned teamwork and how to strive for the best while playing and excelling at athletics After High School, Wally Attended Adams State College where the Hip Hop culture was booming in his small town. He was able to get the latest beats and music from DJ’s and other students from larger cities which created a sense of belonging to the Hip Hop culture. Wally enlisted in the US Navy that brought him to Southern California where West Coast Rap was booming and the city life was calling. In San Diego he was able see the diverse cultures that embraced Hip Hop and flowing in different languages.

After 7 years of service and hearing Hip Hop in numerous countries, Wally made his way out of Naval Service and headed back to college. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from National University in San Diego, Ca.  Julio was considering coming to Los Angeles to try and make it in the game.  Wally being the smart ass told the up and coming producer that he wasn’t street; he was Dirt Roadz although said in passing it was the seed in which the company name was born.   During his MBA studies Julio and Fernando Herrera approached Wally to come on board Dirt Roadz Entertainment as a co-owner.  He accepted right away realizing his dream of getting into Hip-Hop was finally becoming a reality. Wally’s corporate and technical knowledge, is providing business and process support to the label as well as lending his hand in the creative make up of the music.